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Have a question about how SimpleEvent works while you are dialed in?  Below are the features and instructions to get your started.  If you have a question about a feature please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

When using SimpleEvent you will need to notify your attendees and panelists of the date, time, dial-in numbers and access codes for your event. The event Organizer(s) , panelists and attendees will each have a dedicated dial-in number and access code.

All organizers will call the same dial-in number and enter the same access code followed by the # key. All panelists will call the same dial-in number and enter the same access code followed by the # key. All attendees will call the same dial-in number and enter the same access code following by the # key.

In organizing your conference, only the Organizer(s) and Panelists are allowed to speak during the presentation. Attendees can only listen, allowing no interaction.

As an Organizer(s) , when you first dial in, you will be placed in an open conference with other organizers and panelists on the call. To start your conference the Organizer(s) must press *1 and all attendees will be able to listen to the conference call.

Recording Instructions
During the live conference, the Organizer can start recording by pressing *9. The system disconnects him/her from the conference and then the Organizer is returned to the conference and all attendees are notified that the recording option has been started. To stop and save the recording, the Organizer will press *9 again.

Playback Instructions
To listen to the recorded conference, the Organizer must provide Panelists and Attendees with the playback number and playback access code. Please note, this number is different from the conference dial-in number. When users call into the recording playback number, they will be prompted to enter the playback access code. Once confirmed, the system will playback the recorded conference. During playback, the user can scroll forward or backwards through the recorded conference. You will find the playback features below.

Features by Caller
To access the different Feature Keys when in a call, simply press the corresponding keys below - it is required that a caller enters a star (*) key before the desired feature key.

Panelist Feature Keys
  Exit - exit the call
  Instructions - conference instructions
  Mute/Unmute - caller controlled muting

Organizer Feature Keys
  Start Conference - opens the conference
  Count - plays the number of talkers in the conference, including Organizers and Panelists.
  Exit - exit the conference call
  Instructions - conference instructions
  Listening Modes - host controlled muting
  Mute/Unmute - Organizer and Panelist controlled muting
  Secured/Unsecured - stops any new Organizer or Panelist from entering
  Tone controls
  Record Conference

Playback Feature Keys
  Rewind 30 seconds
  Fast forward 30 seconds
  Pause/resume playback
Detailed Touch Tone Explanation
Initial Sub-conference.
When first dialing in, all Organizers and Panelists are immediately placed into a sub-conference allowing them to organize the presentation. This sub-conference will end when the Organizers presses *1 for the first time.

Start conference - *1 key (Organizer only)
Press *1 to open the conference. This will allow all attendees to listen to the conference.

Caller count - *2 key (Organizer)
Provides the number of Organizers and Panelists currently on the conference call.

Exit conference - *3 key (Organizer and Panelist)
Exits the participant from the conference call.

At the prompt, press *1 to confirm that you want to exit the conference, otherwise press *2 to cancel and return to the conference.

Instructions - *4 key (Organizer and Panelist)
Plays a menu of touch tone commands

Listening modes - *5 key (Organizer only)
Press *5 once to mute the Panelist, however the Panelist can unmute themselves by pressing *6 for questions or guest speakers.

Press *5 a second time to put the Panelist into mute mode without the capability of un-muting themselves.

Press *5 again to return to open conversation mode.

Mute - *6 key
Press *6 once to mute your individual line from the conference. Press *6 again to un-mute your line.

Security - *7 key (Organizer only)
Press *7 to secure the conference and block all other callers attempting to enter the conference.

Press *7 again to re-open the conference for all callers joining.

Tone control - *8 key (Organizer only)
Press *8 once to turn entry tone off and exit tone on.
Press *8 a second time to turn entry tone on and exit tone off.
Press *8 a third time to turn entry and exit tones on.
Press *8 again to return to default mode with both exit and entry tones off.

Record Conference - *9 key (Organizer only)
Pressing *9 once will disconnect the Organizer from the conference and then the Organizer is returned to the conference and an announcement is made to the Panelists and Attendees that the conference is being recorded. To stop and save the recording, press *9 again.
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